Sustainability Report 2016

Sustainability at ERM

Our material issues

Each financial year, ERM conducts a formal materiality assessment in accordance with the GRI G4 Guidelines to identify and prioritize our primary sustainability issues, as well as associated key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for improvement.

The materiality assessment sets out our material issues going forward (for FY17 – the current financial year commencing 1 April 2016) as well as guiding the content for this FY16 Sustainability Report.

We considered many issues that were raised by internal and external stakeholders during the assessment process. Some of these topics overlapped with others, and their importance varied within stakeholder groups. After evaluating these issues, we identified those of the highest importance to ERM and our stakeholders, and these form our material issues. These issues are located in the top right quadrant of the matrix below.   

Materiality matrix

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All of the above material issues relate to the many elements of our value chain, and these elements are described in the table below. We have also indicated where further details of these material issues can be located within this report.

Material issue mapping 

Material issueElementsReport section
Attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining employees Work-life balance; diversity   and inclusion; performance management framework; leadership pipeline; Aspire   program; developing talent, collaboration.

Our people

Health and safety Program elements; safety   management system; Safety AT ERM; travel risk management; training;   performance management; external certification. Health and safety
Business conduct, ethics and compliance Anti-bribery   and corruption; human rights; labor practices; managing risks; audit program;   contractor management; data security, regulatory changes, reputation. Business conduct and ethics
Climate change across our value chain Management approach; green buildings; project impacts; our emissions; business travel, impact of work with clients. Environmental footprint;
Greenhouse gas emissions;
Impact through client work
Financial performance New equity investors; growth; sustainability; acquisitions. Financial performance
Technical expertise and independence Energy transition; resource constraints; increasing regulations; reputation. Impact through client work
Contributing to society and the environment Thought leadership; ERM Foundation; Low Carbon Enterprise Fund, impact of work with clients. Contributing to society; Environmental footprint

We have targets in place that have been developed specifically to address each of our material issues. Our progress against the targets we set for FY16 are summarized in results against targets, and the our targets section provides details of KPIs and targets for FY17.

For more about how we determine the content of our report see our reporting approach.