Sustainability Report 2016

Contributing to society

Low Carbon Enterprise Fund

The Low Carbon Enterprise Fund (LCEF), a program of the ERM Foundation, was established in 2007. Since its beginning, LCEF has employed an impact investment model to provide finance and professional support for low-carbon entrepreneurs in the developing world.

Small businesses supported by the LCEF have delivered affordable low-carbon products, services and employment to some of the world's poorest communities, helping to reduce dependency on kerosene, firewood and other unsustainable sources of energy and provide skills and income for those working for the businesses.

In addition to having a clear low-carbon remit, the businesses in which LCEF has invested must provide tangible social and economic benefits to their local communities, such as creating sustainable livelihoods, improving health and reducing the need to spend time gathering firewood.

LCEF has drawn on the expertise of ERM's global network of consultants, who have provided technical support on a pro bono basis.