Sustainability Report 2016

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Managed services help telecommunications client achieve regulatory excellence

Stephanie Gooch
Atlanta, Georgia, US

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at ERM is our close professional relationship with the client. It is a relationship built on a deep understanding of their needs. By understanding and anticipating these needs, we can leverage our expertise and solutions to serve as a partner, trusted advisor, advocate and a true extension of our client's capability.

One way we can meet these needs is in the form of “managed services,” whereby we are engaged in managing the client’s environmental, health and safety responsibilities across the organization and all its geographic locations while helping the client preserve institutional knowledge. Deployment of managed services for a client required a multifaceted approach based on a firm foundation of mutual trust. We focus on the consistent application of client policies and procedures, implementation of cost-reduction methodologies and fundamental improvements to the client’s business framework.

ERM provides managed services for one of the largest US telecommunications companies. Our relationship in the United States began several years ago with a regulatory compliance program for cell towers and has developed to a managed services agreement. The services we provide have helped the client gain a reputation for excellence within its industry in relation to environmental, health and safety performance. This has been achieved in large measure through the work done by ERM’s Sustainability Information Solutions team with a tool to track key dates and actions that enable the client’s regulatory group to measure progress as well as identify challenges that must be addressed.

By implementing the managed service approach, the client identified steps in the process where efficiencies could be gained – eventually improving the overall completion time and thereby generating revenue more quickly. In addition, the granularity of the data collected and provided to stakeholders (e.g., regulators, local agencies) led to co-developed solutions that have benefited the industry sector, such as regulatory relief.

We are proud of our role in extending the capability of the client’s team – both in terms of expertise and capacity – to meet its goal of setting the industry standard for compliance. Contributing to our client’s success is what makes my job incredibly satisfying.