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Biodiversity expert tackles precedent-setting projects

Julia Tims
Annapolis, Maryland, US

Over the past several years, I have served as ERM's representative on the advisory group of the Business and Biodiversity Offsets Program (BBOP). BBOP is an international collaboration between companies, financial institutions, government agencies and civil society organizations.

The members of BBOP are developing best practice in following the mitigation hierarchy (avoid, minimize, restore, offset) to achieve no net loss or, where possible, a net gain in biodiversity. Businesses can use this approach to manage their biodiversity-related risks, achieving more and better conservation outcomes that strive towards no net loss of biodiversity while also addressing the needs of local communities.

This has been a very active year at BBOP. I am collaborating with BBOP and the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources on biodiversity offsets training that will be rolled out globally to BBOP members and other interested parties. ERM is the only consultancy invited to help prepare the training. BBOP is also expanding its membership to mining companies and the energy sector this year, two important sectors for ERM.

My work takes me across North and South America, Africa and Europe to help our clients with biodiversity issues, stakeholder engagement related to biodiversity and the interactions between biological and social issues. My involvement in several high-profile and precedent-setting projects with ERM colleagues and external specialists across the globe has been a highlight of my career here. I am proud of ERM’s unique ability to have a positive influence on our clients’ projects as well as our partnerships with world-class organizations, such as BBOP, which help our clients make more sustainable business decisions.