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Project Liability ANalysis and PM@ERM

Beaumon Rogers
New Orleans, Louisiana, US

ERM conducts over 20,000 projects a year throughout the world, and these vary considerably in scope and complexity.

We established the Project Liability ANalysis (PLAN) platform a number of years ago as an important tool in ERM's risk management program. The platform provides a globally consistent approach to managing our project risks by enabling us to identify and mitigate the risks most often at the bid/proposal stage and at significant change-in-scope events. As businesses and technology evolve, we continue to learn more about project-related risks through direct feedback from our delivery teams, and we incorporate these insights into PLAN. In this way, PLAN is a dynamic and effective process for managing risks.

Because of the extraordinary diversity in projects across ERM, we brought together a broad stakeholder group in the development of PLAN, including representation from all geographies, practices, sectors and functions. The platform has triggers to engage specific expertise in the company, so our project teams benefit from the vast knowledge and expertise that exists within ERM in scoping and delivering projects to our clients.

As an ERM partner with 25 years of experience in the fields of geology, hydrogeology, remediation and risk assessment, I am proud to lead the ongoing development and implementation of PLAN during 2015. Based on the insights provided through PLAN, we decided to refresh ERM's project management training program in FY16, which I am particularly excited about. Our newly launched project management development framework, known as PM@ERM, incorporates PLAN and many other invaluable tools to ensure every consultant makes a positive difference in our clients' and ERM's success..