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The critical role of Board oversight in post-merger integration

Based on our work with clients on transactions, we have identified board oversight of environmental, health and safety issues as an essential factor for our client’s success for mergers, acquisitions and divestitures.

ERM recently published an article to raise awareness of the key issues facing companies trying to achieve the synergies and other benefits that drive mergers and acquisitions. The View from Above: The Critical Role of Board Oversight for HSE in Post-Merger Integration was written by three of our Partners who specialize in this service offering, namely, Walt Shill, Michael Bittner and Andrew Radcliff. By providing market insights from working with multiple clients, we can help organizations manage more effectively their sustainability challenges during these transactions.

Some risks associated with post-merger integration may be relatively easy to identify and track, such as ongoing compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. Others are far less obvious consequences of business decisions. For example, despite the best of intentions, boards often overlook environmental, health and safety issues during post-merger integration planning. The importance of these issues can be deceptive and may be leaving the combined company open to unintended risk once the merger is completed. Addressing these issues can pre-emptively mitigate the risks that come with many post-merger integration operations.

The full article is available for download here.