Sustainability Report 2016

Case Study

Highlights 2016

Environmental education for school children

Nairobi, Kenya

Employees from ERM’s Nairobi office have been working with local school children to provide educational sessions on the importance of forest and environmental conservation in Kenya.

The ERM team held an initial clean-up activity in the Ngong Hills Forest Reserve in Kajiado County. This eco-tourism site suffers from pollution and poor waste management, due to inadequate waste disposal and recycling facilities. The ERM team’s objective is to inspire young learners to protect the natural environment, both for themselves and future generations. This forms part of the local school’s Wildlife Club, which works with 9 to13 year-old children to spur interest in conservation issues and interact with the local community on activities, such as clean-up events and the establishment of a local tree nursery.

ERM employees have contributed to the Wildlife Club’s curriculum, using their expertise in waste management, health and safety and other issues. The forest clean-up conducted by ERM employees engaged the children in waste collection and tree planting activities within the nature reserve. The children also participated in a poster competition on the theme of “Clean our Environment,” with prizes awarded for the most impactful posters.

ERM employees in Nairobi are looking forward to visiting the school once each term to help lead an activity, such as a nature walk or discussions during Wildlife Club sessions. ERM will ensure that all activities are aligned with the school’s syllabus.