Sustainability Report 2015

Contributing to society

ERM Foundation

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the ERM Foundation. Over the past two decades, through the ERM Foundation we have disbursed more than $3 million in grants to around 250 organizations in five continents.

More than 10,000 hours of technical pro bono support has been provided to not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises globally. During this period, the ERM Foundation has expanded from being a single entity in the United States to a company-wide program that engages ERM employees across the world.

The support provided by the ERM Foundation for communities comes through financial contributions, allocation of pro bono time for technical and professional advice for not-for-profit entities and social enterprises, and other backing through employee-led initiatives. In FY15, ERM contributed more than $1.2 million, which represents over 1 percent of prior year profits towards global sustainability initiatives, primarily through the Foundation and its programs.

The majority of the ERM Foundation's grant funds come from employee donations and locally organized fundraising events. ERM matches a portion of these contributions. In FY15, $466,000 was disbursed in grants to support 53 projects in 20 countries.

ERM Foundation project countries and territories FY15

Australia Indonesia Puerto Rico
Bolivia Italy Rwanda
Brazil Kenya Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Laos South Africa
Cambodia Liberia Tanzania
Cameroon Morocco Thailand
Canada Mozambique Uganda
Dominican Republic Myanmar United Kingdom
Guatemala Nicaragua United States
Honduras Peru Vietnam
India Philippines  

Through the ERM Foundation's projects, employees can lend practical and technical support to many small and not-for-profit organizations that otherwise would not benefit from the breadth of ERM's expertise. We focus on areas where our skills and experience can deliver the greatest impact:

  • Supporting conservation and biodiversity;
  • Providing environmental education;
  • Creating access to clean water and sanitation;
  • Reducing carbon emissions; and
  • Empowering women and girls.

As part of our re-alignment with the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development (also known as the Sustainable Development Goals), the ERM Foundation has adopted "Empowering women and girls" as a new focus area from FY16.

In addition to office-led projects, ERM employees collaborate on ambitious "flagship" projects in the North America and Europe, Middle East and Africa regions. These longer-term projects are undertaken in partnership with established not-for-profit organizations and utilize the technical and fundraising support of ERM employees from across each region.

Employees across North America selected an Arctic fisheries initiative as their North America flagship project. The Foundation's new regional flagship project for EMEA is “Saving the Springtime” which is undertaken in partnership with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and Birdlife International. The project is aimed at reversing the decline in populations of migratory birds, using the common swift as the focal species. Employees in LAC and APAC will commence their flagship project during FY16.

Download the ERM Foundation 2015 Annual Review.