Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Sustaining young professionals

Magda Pavlak-Chiaradia
Warsaw, Poland

I was born in Poland and educated in the United States. When I joined ERM in Poland in January 2014 as a Partner and Managing Director, I recognized the need to assist the more junior staff at the office in Warsaw in developing skills to make them successful.

I am focusing on the development of young professionals in the business community in Poland. Without this, the younger staff at ERM and elsewhere may face the difficult decision to look for work out of Poland, which has become an epidemic in Poland – creating a brain and workforce drain. My intention is to show these young professionals that, with the right skills, they can succeed here at home.

I started a professional group called "30 under 30" through the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, which provides promising young professionals the opportunity to be exposed to US practices and approaches to business while practicing their business English. We hold meetings once a month on various business-related topics with leaders in the Polish business community. As part of this one-year program, the group completes a capstone project related to corporate social responsibility. The intent is to make young professionals aware of why corporate social responsibility is important and encourage the leaders to implement future changes in Poland and the Polish business community.