Sustainability Report 2015


People profiles

Communications services for challenging projects

Liz Valsamidis
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Working in the area of public affairs on projects has allowed me to develop and execute stakeholder engagement and outreach campaigns, while giving me an insider's perspective of the intensive process that my colleagues and clients go through to bring energy-related projects to market.

I am a senior consultant and office manager responsible for creating and executing public outreach and participation plans, conducting in-depth situational analyses and opposition monitoring reports and building advocacy programs in support of client projects. I also lead on developing strategic social media campaigns and have implemented social channels for controversial energy industry projects.

My communications and marketing experience complements ERM's long-standing technical expertise. I enjoy working together with ERM colleagues to deliver expanded services to oil and gas pipeline and power companies. I look forward to using my creative thinking and communications skills to provide great results for clients across diverse sectors and locations.