Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

Supporting a new mine throughout its life cycle

British Columbia, Canada

The regulatory environment in British Columbia, Canada, is complex and multifaceted. ERM in Canada has extensive experience helping clients ensure full compliance with the federal, provincial and local regulations governing the permitting, construction and operation of large-scale projects. To leverage this expertise, ERM was retained by a subsidiary of a Polish mining company seeking to construct a world-class mine in British Columbia.

Initially, the client hired ERM to steward the environmental assessment process, coordinating the data output of multiple technical consultants to produce an environmental impact statement (EIS) that would meet the highest possible standards. However, ERM's familiarity with similar projects in the province, as well as our extensive technical expertise, enables us to provide value to the client that extends beyond the EIS and across the mine's life cycle.

In addition to the EIS, ERM is coordinating the process to secure the permits and authorizations required for mine construction and operations. As this is the first new, large-scale "greenfield" project in Canada for this client, ERM is assisting with the development of a management system that will enable a fit-for-purpose approach, aligned with international best practice, to address environmental risk and opportunity as the project advances from planning into construction and operations. Mines extract a finite resource and planning for eventual closure is an important consideration that ERM is supporting this client with as part of this work.