Sustainability Report 2015


Case studies

ERM acquires Natural Resource Group to bolster energy sector presence

Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

In September 2014, ERM acquired Natural Resource Group, an environmental consultancy with over 150 staff members operating in 10 offices across the United States.

Natural Resource Group is focused on the energy sector, providing high-caliber regulatory, project management, public affairs and compliance services to oil and gas pipeline and power companies across North America.

Natural Resource Group has expertise in constructability requirements, land use and permitting constraints. Specialists prepare feasibility studies that incorporate both high-level and detailed route identification, state and federal regulatory assessments, environmental and construction inspection cost estimating, and regulatory schedules.

Natural Resource Group also has an extensive public affairs service which assists in assessing, planning and implementing a stakeholder engagement process to help achieve the client's goals.

Integrating Natural Resource Group into ERM's global structure provides an opportunity to expand our offerings to clients. Since the acquisition was made, the combined ERM and Natural Resource Group business has been awarded a number of significant projects that would not have been awarded to ERM and Natural Resource Group prior to the acquisition.