Operational Performance Services

Agility, efficiency and profitability are key ingredients for business success. In today’s resource-constrained world, organizations need to ensure they achieve this success in a responsible manner.

Mega trends, such as climate change, combined with increasing public and governmental scrutiny of corporate actions mean the regulatory landscape is constantly changing both globally and locally.

Achieving strong environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) performance not only helps organizations stay compliant with emerging regulations but also drives better outcomes for the business as well as local communities and ecosystems.

ERM has a deep understanding of how EHSS policies and process impact operational performance, positively or negatively. Leading companies now see EHSS performance as a leading indicator of operational performance.

ERM helps improve operational performance for organizations around the world through an outcome-driven approach to EHSS, broad understanding of regulations and standards, and expert stakeholder management.

By combining proven processes and systems with advanced tools and technology and experienced professionals, we help clients integrate EHSS into the fabric of their organizations to drive continuous improvement and unlock business benefits, such as:

  • Increased efficiency;
  • Enhanced employee and stakeholder engagement;
  • Smarter innovation;
  • Greater cost control;
  • Increased investor confidence
  • Improved agility; and
  • Successful M&A transactions.

ERM’s Managed Services solution

ERM’s Managed Services solution is a cost-effective way to implement EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) functions as an extension of your business. ERM works with you to solve your staffing, process and technology issues with a flexible and dedicated labor pool appropriate for any work environment: from low-risk offices to higher-risk operational and construction sites, letting your company focus on your core business.

Over several decades, we have developed an unrivalled portfolio of services and insights that help our clients boost operational performance, including:

Management Systems & Compliance Support
Information Solutions
Product Stewardship
Safety Services
Learning & Development
Corporate & Sustainability Reporting
Energy and Climate Change
Impact Assessment
Due Diligence

Related Services

We have developed an unrivalled portfolio of services that help our clients boost operational performance, including:

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