Integrated Solutions

Our clients continue to face large, complex and volatile business challenges in every stage of their business: entering new markets, integrating acquisitions, planning and delivering capital projects, improving operational performance, or retiring assets.

Leading companies now recognize that their business success is dramatically impacted by how well environmental, health, safety and sustainability (EHSS) issues are managed at every stage of their operation.

A new way of working
Often an organization looks to address a specific need through a single service offering; however, we are increasingly seeing the intricacy of the challenges a company faces requiring a more holistic solution. Deep technical expertise in a specific discipline is no longer sufficient to achieve desired business results for complex operations.

ERM’s unique cross-disciplinary approach incorporates our broad technical knowledge with our in-depth market insights to help our clients substantially improve business performance.

Tailored solutions
Based on extensive work with our clients, we know that success requires that multiple disciplines be thoughtfully brought together with a deep understanding of the financial and operational impacts of the issues.

We support our clients on their biggest business challenges at the local, regional or global level, through tailored Integrated Solutions.

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