Social Performance & Public Affairs

Investors, customers, governments, communities and employees all have different expectations, and organizations - both in the public and private sector - must proactively manage them all.

In the age of social media, digital technologies and the 24/7 news cycle, failure to effectively address these expectations can quickly become global news and have a significant impact on reputation, business operations and market value.

Organizations are finding they must adapt to a world where people’s voices are heard more easily, loudly and quicker than ever before. Earning and keeping trust in an organization is more difficult than ever. Failure to effectively manage social performance and engagement can result in major projects and business activities being delayed or derailed, and can lead to serious reputational and financial consequences.

With growing interest in corporate social responsibility at both a legal and public level, managing social as well as environmental impacts of major projects and ongoing operations is no longer a discretionary activity, but an absolute necessity.

Addressing social impacts and issues
ERM helps clients not only pre-emptively understand likely social challenges but also leverage the social opportunities associated with their business activities. We offer a comprehensive range of services and practical support including: strategy and policy development, public affairs/public relations, internal communications, advocacy and crisis communications, social impact assessment, resettlement and livelihood restoration, social investment planning and development of local benefit sharing packages.

Our social and public affairs experts work alongside our environmental and technical risk experts and our clients’ internal staff to develop integrated solutions to complex, multi-dimensional challenges that fit the specific needs of the company.

We have achieved mutually beneficial outcomes by collaborating across stakeholder groups, including non-governmental organizations, local communities and regulators, using a range of proven tools and techniques, including stakeholder mapping exercises, public and community leader involvement programs, media relations, community advisory panels, and web-based tools and hotlines.

ERM’s Social Performance and Public Affairs Service is underpinned by:

  • A global network of experts with deep experience across a variety of industry sectors;
  • In-depth knowledge of local contexts, international best practices, and language skills across a range of geographies; and
  • A strong understanding of potential community sensitivities as well as the concerns of private and public sector clients.

Maximizing opportunities, mitigating risk
ERM helps clients take a strategic and sustainable approach to managing social performance and engagement. As well as protecting an organization’s social license to operate, this supports the long-term sustainability of the business. Our Social Performance and Public Affairs Service helps companies achieve their desired business outcomes while delivering lasting benefits to local communities, thereby safeguarding both local projects and global reputations.

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