Site Investigation & Risk Assessment

Contaminated sites represent a major risk to the reputation and financial stability of a company.

Getting a clear understanding of the scope of the issues based on a comprehensive investigation and characterisation using the latest technologies and tools is critical. A successful investigation produces representative risk assessments, successful risk management options and strategies, and realistic long-term environmental reserve estimates.

Site investigation programs are often unnecessarily protracted due to the use of traditional tools and techniques. For the site owner, this not only means higher costs and greater disruption but also unreliable results.

Faced with a trend toward more protective regulatory standards for a growing list of contaminants and greater stakeholder focus on sustainability, organizations need to be able to quickly and effectively identify and address risks.

Comprehensive, cost-effective approach
ERM has the breadth and depth of experience to help organizations take a comprehensive and cost-effective approach to site characterization and risk assessment.

We are leaders in the use of high resolution site characterization (HRSC) to develop rigorous conceptual site models that provide an accurate picture of the hydrogeologic conditions and contaminant distribution at complex sites. We leverage these insights to conduct results-driven risk assessments and help clients develop a robust and cost effective risk management strategy.

ERM’s investigation and risk assessment credentials include:

  • World-class HRSC and risk analysis experience;
  • Advanced techniques to develop rigorous conceptual site models;
  • Deep insights into the short-term and long-term financial implications of different strategies; 
  • Strong, trusted relationships within the regulatory community; 
  • Proven track record in securing approval for risk-based clean up strategies;
  • An international team of Technical Directors and Technical Fellows with the experience and expertise needed to select the most appropriate solutions for each site; and
  • Alliances with universities and vendors to keep abreast of latest technologies and remedies as well as emerging contaminants.

Faster and smarter remediation
By enhancing site investigations and strengthening risk analysis, ERM helps clients make smarter and faster decisions about contaminated sites and risk-management activities.

The use of leading technologies and tools helps reduce cost, uncertainty, and complexity, which means organizations can reduce risk, mitigate future liability, safeguard their reputation, manage costs and satisfy stakeholders.

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