Air Quality

With regional, national and international standards and policies growing in volume and variety, air quality management continues to become increasingly complex with the potential for significant impact on business operations, capital projects, and profitability.

Whether measuring emissions, evaluating their impact on air quality, complying with complicated regulations, or obtaining permit approvals for critical projects, organizations need specialist expertise with deep insights and efficient processes to minimize operational and financial impacts.

In addition to improving profitability, safeguarding compliance, and securing a license to operate, effective air quality management is critical for protecting an organization’s reputation – particularly as climate change and air pollution are now high on public and media agendas.

In-depth expertise, advanced technology
ERM helps organizations develop and implement robust air quality strategies supported by world class experts and advanced instrumentation and technology to maximize efficiency.

Our air quality team is comprised of professionals with both industry and regulatory expertise. Their knowledge of local, state and international standards and regulations, and ability to collaborate globally, help companies understand and meet air quality requirements and reporting obligations while also achieving broader business goals.

ERM has invested in up-to-date monitoring and testing equipment so our clients don’t need to. This includes mobile field laboratories, reference method stack sampling equipment, remote visual sensing and optical imaging for leak detection and repair (LDAR) programs, wet chemical laboratory facilities, and more.

We offer a full range of air quality services including:

  • Compliance strategies for all U.S. Clean Air Act programs as well as EU, Development Bank, and other international or country standards;
  • Licensing and permitting; 
  • Impact assessments including air dispersion modeling and ambient air quality monitoring;
  • Enforcement and litigation support;
  • Air pollution control engineering and troubleshooting;
  • Climate change strategies - GHG permitting and compliance, carbon and energy management;
  • Climate risk and resilience assessment and planning; and 
  • Quantification and inventory - air measurements, emission sampling, air emissions inventories, stack testing, compliance monitoring

Cost-effective compliance
From streamlining systems and simplifying data management, to achieving greater energy and resource efficiency, ERM’s Air Quality services help organizations control costs while assuring compliance.

Our Air Quality services also enable organizations to guide future capital investments with scenario-based evaluations of different design and siting options. By drawing on our expertise and strategic planning capabilities, companies can avoid expensive permitting delays as a result of air quality issues, thereby maximizing Net Present Value (NPV) for major capital projects.

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