Environmental Impact Assessment

Saldanha Steel

The International Power Consortium South Africa (Pty) Ltd (”IPCSA”) with Saldanha Steel (ArcelorMittal South Africa “AMSA”) being the anchor off-taker, proposes to develop a 1400 MW natural gas fired power plant to the east of the existing steel manufacturing facility in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape. The Project will use imported natural gas to generate electricity using advanced gas turbines. The Project will supply the needs of Saldanha Steel and the excess electricity will be made available to support and sustain existing industry and encourage economic growth in Saldanha Bay, West Coast District Municipality and the Western Cape Province.

The Project requires Environmental Authorisation (EA) from the National Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) under the National Environmental Management Act (NEMA) (Act No. 107 of 1998), as amended, through an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

This website serves to disseminate Project information as it becomes available. If you have any questions, or wish to register as an interested and affected party, please contact Lindsey Bungartz of ERM.


The Department of Environmental Affairs has issued an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the Gas-fired Power Plant to Support Saldanha Steel and Other Industries in Saldanha Bay.  The EA was signed on 24 February 2017.  A copy of the EA, as well as the National Appeal Regulations can be accessed from the links provided below.



IPCSA Background Information Document (1.2Mb PDF)


The Final Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been submitted to the Department of Environment Affairs (DEA) for decision making. 

Final EIA Report for CCGT Independent Power Plant to Support Saldanha Steel and Other Industries in Saldanha Bay_20 October 2016 .pdf

Cover, sign off page, contents, abbreviations and project main features.pdf (3251KB)

Chapter 1 - Introduction.pdf (224KB)

Chapter 2 - Project Motivation.pdf (399KB)

Chapter 3 - Project Description.pdf (2695KB)

Chapter 4 - Project Alternatives.pdf (560KB)

Chapter 5 - Administrative and Legal Framework.pdf (150KB)

Chapter 6 - Biophysical Baseline.pdf (1233KB)

Chapter 7 - Socio-Economic Baseline.pdf (1374KB)

Chapter 8 - Public Participation.pdf (100KB)

Chapter 9 - EIA Methodology.pdf (124KB)

Chapter 10 - Assessment of Potential Impacts.pdf (3869 KB)

Chapter 11 - Environmental Management Programme.pdf (2865KB)

Chapter 12 - Summary and Conclusion.pdf (91KB)

Chapter 13 - References.pdf (99KB)

Annexure A Details of Environmental Assessment Practitioner.pdf (432 KB)

Annexure B - Stakeholder Engagement.pdf (20511KB)

Annexure C - Layout Diagram and Maps.pdf (3782KB)

Annex D - Air Quality Specialist Study.pdf  (2113KB)

Annex D - Archaelogy and Paleontology Specialist Study.pdf (3990KB)

Annex D - Avifauna Specialist Study.pdf (2587KB)

Annex D - Climate Change Study.pdf (1667KB)

Annex D - Fauna Specialist Study.pdf (4154 KB)

Annex D - Flora Specialist Study.pdf (2894 KB)

Annex D - Noise Specialist Study.pdf (3970KB)

Annex D - Risk Specialist Study.pdf (4344KB)

Annex D - Socio-economic Study.pdf (3756 KB)

Annex D - Traffic Specialist Study.pdf (6700KB)


Based on comments received on the Draft EIA Report during the comment period between 22 July to 25 August 2016, the report has been revised and is now available for comment for a further 30 days, from 16 September to 18 October 2016. All the comments received during the previous comment period have been included in the Comments and Response Report in Annex B.

New text added to this revised report has been underlined. No other changes have been made to the document.

Revised Draft EIA Report for CCGT Independent Power Plant to Support Saldanha Steel and Other Industries in Saldanha Bay_16 September 2016.pdf (11.8MB)

Annexure A - Details of Environmental Assessment Practitioner

Annexure A Details of Environmental Assessment Practitioner.pdf (432.0KB)

Annexure B - Stakeholder Engagement

B1 - I&AP Database.pdf (337.3KB)

B2 - Initial Notification Material.pdf (3.2MB)

B3 - Initial Public Meeting.pdf (1.1MB)

B4- Site Notices.pdf (337.6KB)

B5 - Proof of Distribution of Draft Scoping.pdf (250.9 KB)

B6 - Proof of Distribution of Final Scoping.pdf (292.4KB)

B7 - DEA Acceptance of Scoping Report.pdf (1.4 MB)

B8- Proof of Distribution of Draft EIA.pdf (314.6KB)

B9 - EIA Phase Public Meeting.pdf (1009.5KB)

B10 - Reminder Notifications to Commenting Authorities.pdf (119.1KB)

B11 - Comments and Responses Report.pdf (372.9KB)

B12 Comments Received.pdf (6.8MB)

B13 - Organic Waste Material to be used by WCPS.pdf (305.7KB)

Annexure C - Layout Diagram and Maps

Annexure C Layout Diagram and Maps.pdf (3.7MB)

Annexure D - Specialist Study Reports

Annex D - Avifauna Specialist Study.pdf (2.5MB)

Annex D - Archaelogy and Paleontology Specialist Study.pdf (3.9MB)

Annex D - Air Quality Specialist Study.pdf (2.1MB)

Annex D - Climate Change Study.pdf (1.6MB)

Annex D - Fauna Specialist Study.pdf (4.1MB)

Annex D - Flora Specialist Study.pdf (2.8MB)

Annex D - Noise Specialist Study.pdf (3.9MB)

Annex D - Risk Specialist Study.pdf (4.2MB)

Annex D - Socio-economic Study.pdf (3.7MB)

Annex D - Traffic Specialist Study.pdf (6.5MB)

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