Environmental Impact Assessment

Durrans Calcination Plant

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report has been compiled on behalf of James Durrans & Sons Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Durrans) as part of the application for Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the development and operation of a calcination plant for the processing of waxy oil green coke (green coke) within Sasol’s Chemical City Eco Industrial Park (ChemCity).

Durrans was approached by Sasol to purchase green coke, a by-product of the Sasol Secunda refinery. Durrans therefore proposes to purchase this green coke and calcine the feedstock at a calcination plant to be established within Sasol’s ChemCity site in Sasolburg. The calcined green coke will then be sold to other industries as it is considered an important industrial commodity required in the aluminium, iron, steel and chemical industry.

The proposed site is close to Secunda thereby minimizing costs for logistics. Furthermore the infrastructure of the site at Sasolburg benefits Durrans due to its proximity to their factory in Boksburg which will provide management, administration, engineering and maintenance support, as required, during the calcination process.

Environmental Authorisation
The Free State Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DESTEA) issued an Environmental Authorisation (EA) for the Development and Operation of a Calcination Plant within Sasolburg Extension 62, Farm ChemCity 458, Sasolburg, Free State.

The EA is dated 10 April 2017

The EA details the conditions of authorisation as well as the DESTEA’s reasons for authorising the Project (see Annexure 1 of the EA).

The National Appeal Regulations of 2014 prescribe a right to appeal DESTEA’s decision. Any party who wish to do so must submit an appeal in the prescribed appeal form to the MEC of the Department of Economic, Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (details below) and send a copy of the appeal to the applicant, all registered I&APs and any organ of state with interest in the matter. Appeals must be submitted by 11 May 2017 (20 days from the date of this notification, accounting for public holidays).

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A copy of the EA, the letter to the interested and affected parties (IAP’s) and the advert placed in the VaalWeekblad newspaper can be accessed from the links provided below:

DESTEA - Environmental Authorisation letter for a Calcination Plant

Environmental Authorisation Notification letter to Interested and Affected Parties

Environmental Authorisation Advert in Newspaper

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