Basic Assessment

Proposed Development of a Shell service station in Parklands

Shell SA Marketing (Pty) Ltd (Shell) is proposing to construct and operate a filling station and add-on services (shop, restrooms, etc.) on the corner of Sandown and Wood Drive in Parklands. 

The proposed project site for the filling station is on an undeveloped (vacant) piece of land surrounded by residential areas and commercial land uses.

The filling station will consist of four, 46m3 Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and associated infrastructure, the total tank capacity on site would be 184m3 . The USTs would store fuel such as Leaded and Unleaded Petroleum, as well as Diesel.

The proposed filling station will also consist of the following infrastructure and add on services:

  • 4 X 46m3 USTs;
  • Associated pipelines;
  • Canopy;
  • Islands and dispensers;
  • On site shop;
  • Rest Rooms;
  • Paved forecourt; and
  • Access points for motorists.

Before construction of the Parklands filling station can begin, a Basic Assessment (BA) must be undertaken in terms of the National Environmental Management Act, 1998 (Act No. 107 of 1998), as amended (NEMA) to obtain the necessary environmental authorisation. ERM has been appointed as the independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners (EAP) to undertake the BA.

The purpose of this website is to provide stakeholders with an opportunity to view and comment on the project documents. Should you wish to find out more about the project or download project documents, please click on the relevant link below

Non Technical Summary

Draft BAR:

Basic Assessment Report


Appendix A - Locality Map

Appendix B - Site Plan

Appendix C- Photolog (Part 1)

Appendix C- Photolog (Part 2)

Appendix D - Biodiversity Map

Appendix E - Permits (Not Aplicable)

Appendix F- Public Participation

Appendix G - Specialist Reports:

G1.1 Visual Impact Assessment (Report)

G1.2 Visual Impact Assessment (Figures)

G2 Botanical Impact Assessment

G3.1 Traffic Impact Assessment (Report)

G3.2 Traffic Impact Assessment (Figures)

Appendix H- Environmental Management Programme

Appendix I- Additional information related to Waste Management Activites (Not Applicable)

Appendix J - NID

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