Addendum to the EIA and EMP

for Seismic Acquisition and CAP Drilling in Pande, Temane and Inhassoro Blocks

Sasol Exploration and Production International (SEPI) (as Sasol Petroleum Mozambique - SPM) has a Petroleum Sharing Agreement (PSA) in Inhambane Province, Mozambique, for exploration, appraisal and development activities in the Pande, Temane and Inhassoro Blocks.

In these areas, two EIAs have been commissioned and approved, allowing exploratory and development work to be undertaken.

In addition to these, and based on successful results, future exploration and development work in the PPA and PSA areas is likely to be conducted in a phased approach over several years.

SEPI therefore is currently conducting an Environmental Impact Assessment for the Exploration and Development activities in the Pande, Inhassoro and Temane Fields that covers the onshore Pande, Temane and Inhassoro (PTI) PPA and PSA geographical areas, in respect of planned oil and gas exploration, appraisal and development activities, within a 10 -year horizon.

However SEPI has ongoing requirements to manage seismic and drilling activities in PTI that require to be addressed before the submission of the EIA and in close communication with the environmental authorities, SEPI intends to submit an addendum (the attached document) that includes:

  • The conversion of the 2D Seismic EMP (from March, 2009) into the 3D Seismic acquisition Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for Pande and Inhassoro;
  • An update to the onshore drilling EMP (PSA Development, Oct. 2014).


Resumo não Técnico da Adenda ao Estudo de Impacto Ambiental (EIA) e Plano de Gestão Ambiental (PGA) do Projecto de Gás Natural para as actividades de Pesquisa Sísmica e Perfuração de Pesquisa nos campos de Pande, Temane e Inhassoro (188Kb PDF)

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