Launching ERM’s Sustainability Report 2013

05 December 2013

Today marks a significant milestone in our sustainability journey as we release ERM’s online Sustainability Report 2013 and Business Review – Sustainability in Action.

On launching the Report, CEO John Alexander said “Sustainability is not just part of our business. It is our business. Through our strategy One Planet. One Company. ERM., we are striving for sustainable best practices to be embedded at every layer of our operations – from the services we offer and the projects we deliver to the offices and the communities in which we work and live.”

“ERM’s active involvement in shaping sustainability thought leadership through our membership to organizations such as the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), means we can offer the best advice and deliver the best outcomes for our clients and the wider society”.

“In addition, as an organizational stakeholder with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) we are proud to announce that our report is using the new G4 approach, released earlier this year.  We are one of the first organizations to adopt these new guidelines. This is significant step for ERM and one that we believe is important in our role as the leading sustainability consultancy.” 

Sustainability in Action

In response to feedback from employees, clients and others after last year’s Sustainability Report, this year an additional publication Sustainability in Action has been launched.  This document sets out the impact we are having on the global sustainability agenda through our advisory services, our projects and programs, our contributions to thought leadership and to society, our operations and our business performance.

Highlights from this year’s Sustainability Report include:

  • Over $1 million contributed to global sustainability initiatives, primarily through The ERM Foundation,
  • Active involvement in the WBCSD Vision 2050 and Action2020 initiatives – shaping how we do business in a world with dwindling resources and growing populations,
  • 150 offices in 40 countries and territories with projects in 160 countries and territories in the past three years, 
  • Working for over 50 percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies in the past three years,
  • 18 percent constant currency increase in consulting revenue, including two key acquisitions, and
  • Publication of performance against business targets – demonstrating improved performance this year including:
    • A reduction in TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate) to 0.47 – well below the industry average of 1.2
    • No fines or monetary sanctions for material non-compliance with laws or regulations
    • An increase to 483 conference presentations.

Read the Sustainability Report 2013 and Sustainability in Action

Sustainability Report 2013

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