ERM to co-sponsor SPE event on Social Responsibility

15 February 2012

ERM is co-sponsoring the Society of Petroleum Engineers first event focusing on Social Responsibility issues.

The event reflects the growing importance Social Responsibility has in the Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Social Responsibility (HSSE SR) areas of the Oil and Gas industry. The event will be held in Paris, France from 20-22 February with ERM Partners Trey Shaffer and Sabine Hoefnagel hosting two of the technical sessions. Trey is also the co-chair of the event’s committee alongside Jean-Marc Fontaine from Total.

The event includes a number of workshops looking at the connection between HSSE and social responsibility (SR), and what actually constitutes excellence in SR performance programmes, especially in the area of project development. The event aims to develop a deeper understanding of how SR is integrated into project development processes and to identify the benefits it brings to business. This includes developing effective stakeholder engagement, risk analysis, conflict sensitivity, or partnerships are among the SR issues currently being addressed by the industry.

Workshop topics include:

  • Social Responsibility: Social Issues Compliance and Value of Social Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement in the Life Cycle of an E&P Project
  • Opportunity and Risk Analysis
  • Operating in Conflict-Affected or High-Risk Areas
  • Players and their Roles
  • Social Responsibility Challenges During the Project Development Life Cycle
  • Success Stories: Overcoming Challenges - Implementing Social Responsibility on the Ground

ERM is involved in the following technical sessions:

  • ERM’s Sabine Hoefnagel, with Johana Dunlop from Schlumberger will be leading a session on Working Together: The Range of Players and their Roles and
  • ERM’s Trey Shaffer and Mark Shemaria from BNK Petroleum Inc will be leading a session on Social Responsibility Challenges During the Project Development Life Cycle

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