ERM publishes its Sustainability Report 2015 and the ERM Foundation Review

25 November 2015

ERM has published its 2015 Sustainability Report, a year that we consider to be a turning point in the planet's sustainability agenda. We also published the ERM Foundation review, which this year celebrates, its achievements over the past 20 years.

CEO John Alexander explains more: “The United Nations, working with corporate, government, and other leaders, is determined to increase the levels of co-operation needed to reach agreement on how together we can create a more sustainable future. This is against a backdrop of challenging economic conditions in parts of the world, with low commodity prices and a changing energy landscape. ERM, along with other leading private sector businesses, is working proactively to contribute practical solutions to address these global challenges. ERM as a member of the UN Global Compact, the Global Reporting Initiative and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, is playing a key role in the private sector contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

“As a company, we are adapting our client service approach to ensure we can make a greater difference to our clients in terms of how they respond and contribute to what we believe will be a more robust global sustainability agenda in the future.”

It is against this backdrop that we are launching our 2015 Sustainability Report summarizing ERM’s management of the material issues in our Sustainability Program. We document our progress against targets and key performance indicators related to these material issues and demonstrate the contribution which ERM, as the world’s leading sustainability consultancy, is making to global sustainability through our work with global clients in key industries, our thought leadership activities and our support for sustainable development in local communities around the world via the ERM Foundation and its programs.

This is our third report aligned with the GRI’s G4 Guideline and the fourth report we have released publically, representing another significant milestone in our reporting journey.

Highlights from this year’s report include:

  • 70 case studies and profiles highlighting the sustainability impacts of our work for clients, other organizations and communities
  • Further geographic expansion around the globe, with new offices in strategic locations such as Norway and an increased presence in Myanmar.
  • The acquisition of Natural Resource Group in the United States, Safety Design in Norway and ReachCentrum in Belgium. 
  • Measures ERM continues to take to minimize the carbon footprint of our operations, including the use of LEED principles for our new offices, a focus on business travel and expanded telecommuting options for employees
  • Over $1.2 million contributed to global sustainability initiatives, including the ERM Foundation

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Our Sustainability Report

ERM Foundation Review 2015

Learn more about ERM Foundation activities in the ERM Foundation Review 2015 (1.7Mb PDF)

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