ERM part of world leaders' meeting to help tackle climate change

25 September 2014

ERM participated in the 2014 UN Climate Change Summit, which looked to engage world leaders and advance climate action and ambition.  ERM CEO John Alexander was also part of a panel at an event hosted by the Indonesian Government.

Bold new actions to immediately tackle climate change were announced during the Summit held at the UN in New York with Government, business, finance and civil society leaders all attending the historic event. Convened by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Mr Ban has long urged for workable solutions based on “clear vision anchored in domestic and multinational actions.” 

The purpose of the 2014 Climate Summit was to raise political momentum for a meaningful universal climate agreement in Paris in 2015 and to galvanize transformative action in all countries to reduce emissions and build resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change. ERM CEO John Alexander was one the key panelists in an event hosted by the Indonesian Government and the REDD forestry initiative.

Attendees included by 100 Heads of State and Government joined by more than 800 leaders from business, finance and civil society. Together they were asked to crystallize a global vision for low-carbon economic growth and to advance climate action on five fronts: cutting emissions; mobilizing money and markets; pricing carbon; strengthening resilience; and mobilizing new coalitions. Many announced their vision and commitment for reaching a universal and meaningful climate agreement in 2015, as well making announcements on actions that will reduce emissions, enhance resistance to climate change and mobilize financing for climate action. In summing up the event, Mr Ban said: “Today was a great day – a historic day. Never before have so many leaders gathered to commit to action on climate change.”

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