Senior health, safety and environment executives discuss escalating risk and opportunities for business

09 September 2011

Senior Executives, CEOs, Executive Vice Presidents and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) leaders across the world are coming together to openly discuss the escalating risks and opportunities of Health, Safety and Environment on business.

Participating in a series of thought provoking workshops, these ERM led events provide the ideal environment in which to discuss the challenges senior leaders are facing in this field.

Workshop Lead and Global Head of ERM’s Performance and Assurance Practice, Brian Kraus said: “Leading companies have undergone a keen shift in attitudes towards HSE as on the one hand they see these risks and challenges having the potential to threaten the sustainability of their company, while on the other they offer tremendous opportunities for competitive advantage and growth.

“Today’s leaders want to be confident that their company can manage these risks and challenges knowing how to respond and therefore to maximize business gain. They need to be prepared and equipped for a frontline assault in this area and feel confident that their business ambitions won’t be threatened by the errant behaviors of individuals. These and many more topics are what participants want to openly discuss with their peers, in an environment where they feel comfortable to discuss and ask questions.”

Responding to these needs ERM has developed a number of workshops under the main topic of Health Safety and Environment: A Source of Rapidly Escalating Risk and Opportunity for Business. These include:

  • The Performance Challenge, Leadership, Capability and Transformation
  • Are we OK? Advanced Assurance Programs for Performance and Sustainability
  • Market Access, Products, the Product Pipeline and Marketing
  • The Information Challenge: Real Time Data for Decision Makers and Public Reporting for Transparency

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