Helping companies to meet the demands of the CDP’s Water Disclosure Project

29 April 2010

More than 300 corporations from water intensive sectors have been asked by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) to provide information on the risks and opportunities they face in relation to water and on their water management plans and governance.

The (CDP) launched its Global Water Disclosure Project in 2009. The initiative aimed to create a database that would provide institutional investors with a tool to evaluate companies’ business risks and opportunities associated with water scarcity and other water related issues. 

The survey issued this month requests information on the risks and opportunities companies face in relation to water; on water usage and exposure to water stress in companies’ own operations and in their supply chains; and on companies’ water management plans and governance.  The CDP intends to use this data to provide valuable insight into the strategies deployed by many of the largest companies in the world on water and will be used to help drive investment towards sustainable water use.

Dr Velislava Ivanova, Water Sustainability Practice Lead, with ERM: “Water scarcity and declining quality are growing problems that affect businesses globally. We are working with an increasing number of our clients from many sectors on the hot topics of assessing their water footprint, and addressing water related business risks and opportunities. ERM is already helping organizations to address this questionnaire which has to be submitted by 31 July. Although some sectors like food and beverage and mining have made progress towards water accounting, disclosure and stakeholder engagement, many companies still do not understand their water footprint and the associated physical, regulatory, and reputational risks. The questionnaire reflects the growing investor, customer, and community concerns about water issues.

“ERM has a 30-year track record of implementing sustainability projects for clients. Our dedicated Water Sustainability Practice consists of more than 50 professionals globally and brings together the specific expertise of ERM’s water and wastewater engineering practitioners, our resource efficiency experience, as well as our wider sustainability and climate change capabilities.  We have set up a team dedicated to water sustainability to help clients deal with this new initiative. " 


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