ERM Foundation launches a Carbon Calculator designed to help understand your carbon footprint

10 December 2009

The ERM Foundation launched its Low Carbon Initiative two years ago. Part of this includes providing technical support through our pro-bono program for low carbon activities, as well as using our Low Carbon Enterprise Fund to support low carbon enterprises around the world.

Now we have launched a carbon calculator on, which will be available for everyone to use.  It has been developed by our climate change team and provides an excellent basis for assessing an organization’s overall footprint. It is not intended for client use but has been designed to help in working with organizations such as NGOs and small businesses etc which are often interested in understanding what their current footprint is and how it can be reduced.

Monte Alves works in ERM’s North American Bellevue office and is already working on an initiative with the youth charity Roots & Shoots where High School students will be conducting “eco-office audits” and using the calculator to come up with each office’s carbon footprint. The first audit will be at a Fire Station in Redmond, Washington and will be conducted by High-School students from Redmond High-School.

The ERM Sustainability and Climate Change team has far more sophisticated tools to use with clients that can provide a more accurate assessment.  Furthermore, our Information Solutions team works on selecting and deploying more complicated, larger scale, off-the-shelf software solutions for numerous clients around the world.

Calculate your carbon footprint.


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