Air and Climate Change experts to share Insights on Technical Issues and Solutions at NPRA’s Environmental Conference this September in Colorado

03 September 2009

Air and Climate Change experts from Environmental Resources Management (ERM) will be presenting four papers at the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association (NPRA) 2009 Environmental Conference. ERM is also sponsoring the Climate Session at the conference which features two ERM papers addressing the confluence of Air and Climate Change programs as the United States moves to regulate Greenhouse Gas emissions.

The NPRA conference is of particular significance as it provides a unique opportunity for the refining and petrochemical industry to discuss and discover more about regulatory and policy issues that are, and will, affect them at the plant level on a day-to-day basis.

Ken Weiss, ERM’s Director of Air Quality in North America said: ”North America is entering into a new era of air and climate change regulation that is sure to affect the refining industry profoundly, and this is a key  topic being focused on at this year’s NPRA event. The conference provides the refining and petrochemical industry with a great opportunity to hear more about how they could be affected, exchange ideas and share solutions.

“ERM’s air and climate change experts will be making four technical presentations to explain more about the areas in which these industries will be affected and demonstrate our global knowledge and experiences in the area.”

ERM’s air and climate changes experts’ presentations will include:

  • EPA’s Proposed GHG Reporting Rule  and especially how it differs from many existing reporting programs,
  • PM2.5 NSR-Challenges  for the Refining Industry,
  • Uncertainty in GHG,  NOx and SOx Emission Estimate, and 
  • Refinery Consent Decrees.


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