Webinar: Impact of USEPA’s Proposed GHG Standards for Power Plants

17 October 2013

EPA’s Carbon Pollution Standard, issued September 20, 2013 proposed GHG emissions limits for new electric generating units (EGUs). Publication in the Federal Register is expected within a month. This will trigger a 60-day public comment period, enabling your company’s views to be heard before the final standards are promulgated.
To bring you up to speed on the new standard and how to participate in the rule-making process, ERM, The Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum (CTOTF) and Combined Cycle Journal (CCJ) Online hosted a complimentary webinar Thursday, October 17, at 2 pm Eastern. 
An introductory perspective was provided by Kimberly Williams, of NV Energy, followed by an insightful review of the proposed rule’s impact by ERM’s Scott Weaver.

Materials from the webinar

View the webinar presentation with audio 

Download the webinar presentation slides

Additional Resources

CCJ Online article
On October 8, 2013 CCJ Online published GHG emissions regs are here for gas turbines discussing the proposed GHG emissions limits, the upcoming webinar and CTOTF’s™ recent 38th annual Fall Conference. The article also includes Scott Weaver's highlights of the Carbon Pollution Standard and can provide an excellent frame of reference for the webinar.

Read the full article on CCJ Online 

ERM Client Alert
To help clients better understand the background of the revised Carbon Pollution Standard for New Power Plants, as well as identify the next steps to take, ERM created a document detailing the nuances & important impacts of the proposed rule.

Download ERM's Client Alert (49KB PDF)

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