The GRI Reporters' Summit North America

13 February 2017

ERM will be presenting at the GRI Reporters' Summit North America in Scottsdale, AZ - the first event of its kind in North America.

The GRI Reporters' Summit North America will bring together sustainability reporting professionals to learn best practices and discover solutions to common reporting challenges. Twelve workshops will be delivered by GRI Certified Training Partners and GRI staff with Timothy J. Mohin, Chief Executive of GRI delivering the key note. This is relevant to many of our clients, particularly those in the technology, media, and telecom sector, and those who are involved with sustainability and corporate social responsibility at their organizations.

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ERM at the event

As a certified training partner, ERM was invited to present at the summit. ERM will be presenting one of the workshops titled GRI Standards for New Reporters.

Workshop Description
If your organization is new to sustainability reporting, or if you have recently joined your organization’s sustainability team, this is the session for you. This workshop will cover the fundamentals of sustainability reporting – a quick history and review of current tools. We’ll then dive into the GRI Standards to examine how they are laid out, what the sections mean and how to use them. This session will ensure you have the context and resources available to effectively join the sustainability reporting community.

ERM's Speaker

Jennifer Eastes
Senior Consultant, ERM

Jennifer Eastes is a Senior Sustainability Consultant with ten years of experience assisting Fortune 500 companies from the retail, mining, oil and gas, utility, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing sectors with the development of their corporate sustainability strategies. Jennifer’s particular area of expertise lies in transparency, disclosure and communications, where she helps companies articulate their sustainability vision, strategy and performance. 

Jennifer has prepared more than 70 comprehensive citizenship and sustainability reports using the GRI Guidelines and other industry specific tools. She also has deep expertise in benchmarking, stakeholder engagement, goal setting, data collection, materiality analysis, and survey and questionnaire response. As a certified GRI Trainer, she has conducted GRI-certified training courses across the country. She is also an experienced facilitator and speaker and has led a variety of sustainability roundtables and conference sessions. Jennifer is a member of the WBCSD's Reporting Landscape Mapping Working Group to develop and pilot a global catalogue of voluntary and mandatory reporting frameworks and regulations.


Scottsdale, AZ
United States

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