The 2018 GRI Reporters' Summit: North America

5 February 2018

Join ERM at the 2nd annual GRI Reporters’ Summit in Phoenix, Arizona on 5 February 2018.

This one-day Summit will provide practical solutions for sustainability reporting professionals through a variety of workshops on important topics such as human rights, climate change and supply chain reporting.

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ERM at the Summit

From Mapping to Action: SDGs as a Framework for Delivering Transformative Change
Facilitator: ERM; Co-Convener: UNGC
3:30pm - 4:45pm

Many companies and a few sectors have taken the first step to mapping the SDGs against their existing activities. Making the leap from mapping to strategically using the SDGs to innovate, grow and demonstrate progress has proven a bit more challenging. No one company or sector working alone can deliver the transformative action needed to address the sustainability challenges in the 2030 Framework. In this session, we will share experiences and examples of company and sector initiatives to drive ambitious action for change.

From our work with clients, we know many businesses have mapped their actions against the 17 goals, but few have narrowed their focus. Translating the SDGs from a mapping exercise to a strategic initiative where the business feels it can make an impactful contribution is proving much more challenging.

Jennifer Eastes and Linden Edgell from ERM will be presenting with Sue Allchurch from the United Nations Global Compact.

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ERM's Speakers

Jennifer Eastes
Principal Consultant, ERM

Jennifer is a Senior Sustainability Consultant with 11 years of experience assisting Fortune 500 companies with the development of their corporate sustainability strategies. Jennifer’s particular area of expertise lies in transparency, disclosure and communications, where she helps companies to articulate their sustainability vision, strategy and performance. Jennifer has developed more than 100 sustainability reports. Since the launch of the SDGs, Jennifer has worked with many organizations to both map their current programs against the SDGs, as well as to strategically identify focus areas within the SDGs.  

Linden Edgell
Global Sustainability Director, ERM 

Linden is the Global Sustainability Director and a Partner with ERM. She leads ERM’s corporate approach to sustainability and reporting and the ERM Foundation, and is responsible for key elements of the company’s strategy focusing on ‘the business of sustainability’. Linden leads ERM’s engagements with key global organisations including the UN Global Compact, GRI and World Business Council for Sustainable Development. She has been involved in many UN events, and has co-ordinated ERM’s engagement in various UNFCCC meetings and SDGs development and implementation.


Beus Center for Law and Society, ASU 
Phoenix, AZ, United States