SME Annual Meeting & Exhibit

24 February 2013

SME celebrates “Mining: It’s About the People” with a keynote session discussing results of a recent National Academies’ National Research Council study, entitled “Emerging Workforce Trends in the U.S. Energy and Mining Industries,” on the availability of skilled workers to meet the energy and mineral security requirements of the U.S. 

SME was asked by the National Academy to collect, analyze and report on workforce trends in the mining industry. The Conference will be held in Denver from February 24 to 27. 2013.
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ERM will be presenting two technical sessions, and exhibiting at Booth #1441.

Technical Sessions

Transportation Planning for Major Mine Projects
Benjamin Sussman; Annapolis, MD
Tuesday February 26, 10:05 AM

Management of mine-related transportation is an increasingly important aspect of mine planning, construction, and operations. Safe and efficient transportation of supplies, personnel, and extracted and/or processed materials affects the mine’s economic, environmental, and social performance (including community support or opposition), and is increasingly tied to lending and regulatory decisions. This presentation will draw upon the author’s experience of preparing transportation studies for mines on four continents. Participants will gain insight into existing mine-related transportation best practices, typical obstacles to effective transportation planning and operations, and recommendations for future practices.

Lessons From the Marcellus: What Stakeholders Can Teach Us About Continuous Improvement
Jo Render, Washington, DC
Wednesday, February 25, 10:25 AM

This presentation will discuss stakeholder feedback gathered in a Marcellus “boomtown” area that demonstrates that when people are in the thick of extractive operations, the most critical concerns are not the hot button issues in the press (like stray gas) but the trucks parked in their driveways and fields. The author spent six weeks in the field talking with stakeholders in central Pennsylvania, taking away lessons that have more to do with daily operational management than high tech debates about fracking. These lessons – topics that are mostly likely to be the ones under direct management control – are mirrored in various academic papers, but seem to receive little attention from senior management. The key question is “why?”

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