Responsible Investment Forum 2014

19 June 2014

ERM is proud to be the Cocktail Sponsor for the 2014 Responsible Investment Forum.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues continue to provide the private equity industry with a real opportunity to create value; in the portfolio, for LPs and for society as a whole. Investor interest in private equity managers’ approach to ESG issues is already strong and set to grow further. Building on the success of the previous events in London, New York and Amsterdam, the 2014 Responsible Investment Forum will put the spotlight on environmental, social and governance risks (ESG), in private equity investing.

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ERM at the conference

Our international leading experts will be present to share their unique and valuable insights gained from involvement in the most interesting ESG projects. ERM has a long history and broad reputation for thought leadership within the responsible investment community and will be an avid participant at the forum.

Ian Bailey, ERM’s Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Chief Executive Officer, will share an ESG case study focusing on the following themes:

  • Mega trends and the evolution of ESG
  • Implications for PE and portfolio companies to protect and enhance value
  • Tailoring and implementing an effective framework to embed ESG
  • Making the link to monitoring and reporting

Jaideep Das, Partner in ERM’s Transactions Practice will be a panellist on the following think tank session:
Data and Decision-making: deconstructing the ESG information flow

  • What is the ‘ideal’ ESG information flow, from company up to trustee?
  • What types of LP, GP and company decisions is this data meant to inform?
  • Is this ideal remotely achievable?
  • Overcoming obstacles

Jaideep will be joined by:

  • Beth Lowery, Senior Advisor, Environment and Sustainability, TPG Capital
  • Tim van der Weide, Advisor for Responsible Investment, PGGM. 
  • Tom Rotherham-Winqvist, Independt, will moderate the session.

Following the Forum at 5.15pm ERM will be hosting the Cocktail Drinks Reception. We hope to see you there.

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