NAEM 2018 Sustainability Management Forum

30 July - 1 August 2018

ERM is sponsoring and participating at the 2018 Sustainability Management Forum, held this year in Providence, RI.

Are you responsible for implementing sustainability efforts, or tracking and reporting their results? Is the scope of your sustainability program expanding in all directions? This conference will offer insights that will help you improve your company’s performance internally and more effectively manage your sustainability data at both ends of the supply chain.

Through a mix of peer-led sessions and interactive discussions, this year's conference agenda will address challenges and opportunities in the areas of:

  • Sustainability Innovations
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Investing
  • Circular Economy
  • Measuring your Impacts
  • Setting Meaningful Goals

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ERM at the Conference

ERM is a proud sponsor and participant at the 2018 Sustainability Management Forum. ERM brings sustainable solutions to numerous companies worldwide, and understands the implications of key issues across the industry value chain. ERM has been actively involved in NAEM for many years. Our subject matter experts will be sponsoring and leading the following preconference workshop session:

Workshop: Understanding the ESG Landscape to Enhance Reputation and Transparency
Monday, July 30, 2018, 3:45 pm - 5:45 pm

Companies are being inundated with requests for specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) program and performance information. This session will provide EHS&S professionals with a thorough understanding of the dynamic ESG ecosystem, including:

  • Who is assessing you;
  • What they want to know about you and why they want to know about it;
  • Where investors and other stakeholders find information about your programs and performance;
  • What you think you look like vs how you actually look; and
  • How to strategically and efficiently address all these stakeholder demands for more transparency.

Upon completing this session you will understand the ecosystem, be able to evaluate and improve your disclosure strategy, and be better prepared for conversations with executives about ESG disclosures.

Presented by
James Margolis, Senior Partner, ERM
Jennifer Eastes, Senior Sustainability Consultant; ERM
Mike Wallace, Partner; BrownFlynn, an ERM Group Co

ERM's Speakers

James Margolis
James Margolis is a Partner at ERM, and is recognized as an expert in corporate EHSS governance and management systems. He is focused on helping multinational companies obtain business value through improved EHSS management.


Jennifer Eastes
Jennifer Eastes is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at ERM, helping companies articulate their sustainability vision, strategy and performance, with particular area of expertise in transparency, disclosure and communications.


Mike Wallace
Mike Wallace, Partner, BrownFlynn, has worked in the environmental field for 25-years. His career started at ERM where he focused on environmental due diligence for large M&A projects. He is a Partner at BrownFlynn, an ERM Group company, who leads strategic partnership and projects, such as the current relationship with the WBCSD and the Social & Human Capital Coalition, where Mike serves as the Interim Executive Director. He is on the advisory council of the IIRC’s North American operations, and a strategic advisor to the Center for Safety & Health Sustainability. He also Chairs the WBCSD’s ESG Ratings & Rankings working group.


Omni Providence Hotel
Providence, RI, United States

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