ICEDM - International Conference on Environmental Data Management

8 - 9 May 2018 - Asbury Park, New Jersey

ERM is sponsoring, co-chairing and speaking at ICEDM - International Conference on Environmental Data Management, an annual conference in Asbury Park, New Jersey to promote leadership and technical excellence in environmental data management.

This event brings together a coalition of global experts whose aim is to provide opportunities for Environmental Data Management professionals to:

  • Share ideas and guidance documents
  • Brainstorm current industry issues
  • Collaborate on best industry practices
  • Present success stories and lessons learned

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ERM at the event

ERM will play an active role at the event, presenting thoughout the conference as well as participating in co-chair and leadership roles.

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Welcome and Greeting
ERM Senior Consultant and ICEDM conference co-chair Sarah Wright and ERM Principal Consultant and ICEDM leadershop team member Lacy Smith, along with co-chair Dan Higgins (Haley and Aldrich), will provide the opening remarks for the conference.

Round Table Discussion: Field Data Collection
ERM Consultant Emmy Zartman will participate in this discussion on the growing relevance of mobile field data collection, best practices and common pitfalls.

White Paper Round-Up: Best Management Practices
ERM Consultant Emmy Zartman and ERM Principal Consultant Theresa Kennedy will both participate as Best Management Practice Leads for the Data Management Plan subcommittee as they work on delivering a content template for environmental data management plans.

Wednesday, May 8th, 2018

Coffee Talk!: Culture Club
ERM Senior Consultant and ICEDM conference co-chair Sarah Wright will discuss approaches for changing
company cultures to appreciate the value of data management.

Large-scale Environmental Data Management System Implementation
Andrea Brazell, a Principal Consultant will be discussing the various planning phases of EDMS implementation, including client/company buy-in, data mining, data migration, reporting and analytics.

The ICEDM conference is co-chaired by Sarah Wright and Lacy Smith, a Principal Consultant at ERM, also serves as part of the ICEDM leadership team. ICEDM provides Best Management Practices work groups that meet throughout the year developing whitepapers around industry topics and ERM Principal Consultant Theresa Kennedy and ERM Consultant Emmy Zartman each led a work group.

ERM's Speakers

Sarah Wright
Sarah is a Senior Consultant at ERM with over 15 years of experience in related to environmental projects and environmental management information systems (EMIS) technologies working in both the public and private sectors.

Lacy Smith
Lacy Smith is a Principal Consultant at ERM. Trained as a geologist with over 14 years in the environmental consulting business including subsurface investigations, delineation of contaminant plumes, aquifer testing, groundwater modeling, and technical QA/QC; she has spent the last ten years directly involved in developing and implementing data management systems and visualization tools. 

Andrea Brazell
Andrea is a Principal Consultant at ERM with 22 years of experience in the environmental data and consulting industry, specializes in the use and implementation of EarthSoft’s EQuIS™, as well as customization and implementation of EarthSoft’s EQuIS™ Data Gathering Engine (EDGE) software that is used for mobile data collection.

Theresa Kennedy
Theresa Kennedy is a Principal Consultant at ERM with over 25 years of environmental data management experience in both Europe and the United States, implementing cutting edge data management protocols and processes for numerous large and small-scale site investigation and remediation projects around the world.

Emmy Zartman
Emmy Zartman is a Consultant at ERM with over 20 years of experience that includes developing new data standards and software tools for the environmental industry and managing complex data sets for clients using these tools.  


The Asbury Hotel
Asbury Park, NJ, United States

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