ICEDM 2019 - International Conference on Environmental Data Management

22 - 23 May 2019

ERM is sponsoring, co-chairing and speaking at ICEDM - International Conference on Environmental Data Management, an annual conference taking place this year in Braselton, Georgia to promote leadership and technical excellence in environmental data management.

This event brings together a coalition of global experts whose aim is to provide opportunities for Environmental Data Management professionals to:

  • Share ideas and guidance documents
  • Brainstorm current industry issues
  • Collaborate on best industry practices
  • Present success stories and lessons learned

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ERM at the event

ERM will play an active role at the event, presenting thoughout the conference as well as participating in co-chair and leadership roles.

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

Welcome and Greeting
ERM Senior Consultant and ICEDM conference co-chair Sarah Wright will provide the opening remarks for the conference.

Panel Discussion: Building and Sustaining Exceptional Teams
ERM Principal Consultant Theresa Kennedy will participate in the panel discussion formatted to discuss: hiring, team building, skill building, global initiatives, and more.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

Change Implementation at ERM
ERM Senior Data Manager and GIS Consultant Mike Appel, will examine the changes implemented at ERM during the transition from data reporting and GIS visualization by dedicated technical staff, to dashboards and automated visualizations done in ArcGIS Online and Power BI. He will also explore how everything from just connecting these systems to work together to component upgrades can influence data management practices and procedures.

Bridging the Generation Gap through Technology
ERM Senior Engineer Meghan Eschbaugh will discuss the ever-changing technological landscape and how that translates into differences between generations and how they are using technology in order to have successful work teams. She will explore the characteristics of the predominant generations in today’s workforce and identify strategies that can help to bridge the generational gaps on teams.

ERM's Speakers

Sarah Wright
Sarah is a Senior Consultant at ERM with over 15 years of experience in related to environmental projects and environmental management information systems (EMIS) technologies working in both the public and private sectors.

a Kennedy
Theresa Kennedy is a Principal Consultant at ERM with over 25 years of environmental data management experience. Her focus areas are Data Governance, Master Data Management, complex data migrations, and the integration of environmental data with other business data to develop new insights.

Mike Appel
Mike is a Senior Data Manager and GIS Consultant at ERM with over 17 years environmental consulting experience. After starting out as field geologist, Mike has spent the last 10 years leading and growing data management and visualization in the western United States for ERM.  Mike focuses on leveraging cross-platform communication to seamlessly collect, manage, and visualize environmental data using several industry-leading software packages. 
Meghan Eschbaugh
Meghan is a Senior Engineer at ERM with 12 years of experience in environmental consulting. She provides project and data management, analysis, visualization, and risk assessment support on site assessment, investigation and remediation projects through a variety of government agencies.


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Braselton, Georgia, US

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