EUEC 2017

8 - 10 February 2017

ERM is pleased to support EUEC 2017, held in San Diego, California.

Nearly 2,000 professionals will gather at EUEC 2017 (Energy, Utility and Environment Conference) to exchange ideas & discuss current and critical energy, environmental, and climate change issues. EUEC is the largest conference of its kind in the United States and is a key platform for the power industry to meet, share information on the challenges facing the industry, and discuss solutions for advancing our nation’s energy future. ERM is proud to be part of the fabric of EUEC

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ERM at EUEC 2017

ERM is supporting this event as an exhibitor, as well as providing 8 presentations across 6 tracks:

ERM Presenter Title Technical Track
Dave Jordan NSR 2017 - The Challenge Continues (A4.2) A. Regulatory Update
David Shotts & Tom Wickstrom Critical Issues For Natural Gas Power Plant Siting and Licensing (A7.4) A. Regulatory Update
Richard Hamel The Future of Air Modeling: Appendix W changes and their significance (B6.1)

SO2 Designation Modeling case study – W.A. Parish Generating Station (B5.2)
B. CEMS & Air Quality
Doni Murphy Transmission Line Siting/Construction and Risk Management (D4.1) D. Energy Policy & Security
Chris Rutledge & Sean Casto Lessons Learned over the Renewable Energy Lifecycle - and beyond (F4.1) F. Renewable Energy
Alex Cates Use of Liability Transfer Process for retired station repurposing (G5.2) G. O&M, DDD & EHS
Stephanie Nicholson & Dave Wasiela Managing CCR Rule Compliance: How to Manage in Public Enforcement (H3.2) H. Climate, ELG, CCS & CCR

ERM in the Power Sector

Our services for the Power Sector are designed to assist the industry in responding to a range of challenges. We support our clients as they enter new markets, often in the areas of site assessment and selection, and then as they invest in, license and construct major capital facilities. We have cutting-edge expertise in linear permitting and in supporting new energy delivery systems, as well as in air quality and GHG analysis and management, and in emerging issues such as life cycle analysis, and carbon capture and storage. Once operational, ERM focuses on working with our clients to achieve operational excellence by ensuring fit-for-purpose systems are in place to achieve long-term compliance. Finally, as facilities age, ERM moves its attention to helping our clients reclaim residual asset value through sustainable demolition, decontamination and decommissioning programs. ERM’s deep sector experience in conventional and renewable power helps our clients invest and operate safely and profitably while protecting their brand and reputation.

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San Diego, CA