Electric Transmission in the East Conference

24 - 25 September 2015

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and Natural Resources Group (NRG) are partnering with McGuire Woods, LLP to sponsor the upcoming Electric Transmission in the East conference in Washington, D.C. on September 24 & 25, 2015. Join us for a two-day conference providing you a view of the life-cycle of an electric transmission project both within and outside of regional transmission organizations developed by incumbents and non-incumbent transmission providers.

The conference will touch upon:

  • Inception of Project
  • Structuring Your Transmission Company and the Project
  • Assessing the Energy Landscape: The View from FERC
  • Landing the Project
  • Routing and Siting the Line
  • State and Federal Permitting
  • Securing the State Certificate of Convenience and Necessity and
  • Constructing the Line
  • Progression to Regional and Inter-Regional Planning
  • Bringing the Public Along
  • Innovative Techniques to Demonstrate the Appearance of a Transmission Line
  • The Crossroads of Energy Transmission and Ethics
  • Federal Regulatory Context
  • Successful Condemnation Actions

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Why NRG/ERM is participating - ERM in the Power Sector

Our services for the Power Sector are designed to assist the industry in responding to a range of challenges. We support our clients as they enter new markets, often in the areas of site assessment and selection, and then as they invest in, license and construct major capital facilities. We have cutting-edge expertise in linear permitting and in supporting new energy delivery systems, as well as in air quality and GHG analysis and management, and in emerging issues such as life cycle analysis, and carbon capture and storage. Once operational, ERM/NRG focuses on working with our clients to achieve operational excellence by ensuring fit-for-purpose systems are in place to achieve long-term compliance. Finally, as facilities age, ERM/NRG moves its attention to helping our clients reclaim residual asset value through sustainable demolition, decontamination and decommissioning programs. ERM/NRG’s deep sector experience in conventional and renewable power helps our clients invest and operate safely and profitably while protecting their brand and reputation.

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NRG/ERM at the conference

NRG and ERM's experts will share their insights gained from recent involvement with a variety of interesting projects. Both companies have a long history and broad reputation for thought leadership within the power sector and will be avid participants at the conference.

  • Jon Berkin, a Partner/Principal in NRG’s Minneapolis office, will be co-chairing the conference and moderating a session on Routing and Siting Transmission Lines
  • Donell “Doni” Murphy, Partner, CPM, in ERM’s Chicago Office, will presenting in a session on Routing and Siting Transmission Lines
  • Patty Rusten, a Partner/Principal in in NRG’s Minneapolis office, will be moderating the session on Bringing the Public Along
  • Jeff Thommes, a Partner/Principal in in NRG’s Minneapolis office, will be presenting in the session on State and Federal Permitting

NRG/ERM Speakers

Jon Berkin is a Principal/Partner in the Minneapolis office of NRG. He specializes in managing the routing, siting and permitting of large scale energy infrastructure projects and the design and implementation of public outreach processes. Jon has over 20 years of environmental permitting experience in the energy industry. He has worked on energy projects throughout the lower 48 states and in Alaska. He is a frequent presenter on regulatory compliance and dispute resolution topics at energy industry conferences and workshops.

Doni Murphy –Doni has more than 15 years of IAP experience, the majority of which have been focused on power generation and power delivery. She has specialized in managing the routing, permitting, and environmental construction compliance of more than 1500 miles of electric transmission lines, ranging in voltage from 115 kV to 500 kV, throughout the western U.S. and the Midwest. This includes facilitating various stakeholder engagement and public involvement programs, participating in media interviews, providing expert witness testimony, and assisting in the analysis of existing policy while also drafting new siting legislation.

Patty Rusten is a Principal/Partner in the Minneapolis office of NRG. Patty has worked in the energy industry for 26 years and has experience in strategic planning and implementation of public and community engagement programs; designing and facilitating community advisory/input processes; and developing and managing targeted communications and outreach with government, advocacy, regulatory and citizen groups.

Jeff Thommes is a Principal/Partner in NRG’s Minneapolis office. He has expertise in wetland delineations and permitting; threatened and endangered species surveys, management, and consultation; wildlife resources; National Environmental Policy Act documentation; and Bureau of Land Management consultation and coordination. Jeff manages energy projects, provides technical direction to NRG’s biological resource specialists and task managers, manages biological surveys, conducts agency consultations, and obtains permits from state and federal resource agencies associated with energy transmission, gas storage, and telecommunication projects.


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