Chemical Watch AsiaHub Summit 2018

27-28 September 2018

ERM will be actively participating at the upcoming Chemical Watch AsiaHub Summit in Brussels, with two confirmed speakers on the topics Global data sharing and management and Taiwan-REACH.

The 2018 Summit addresses the impact of the latest developments in chemicals regulation in Asia, offering an opportunity to discuss all aspects of how to get products into Asian markets through an engaging mix of presentations, Q&A sessions, informal networking opportunities and panel discussions featuring senior government officials from the Chinese Government and other experts from Asian countries.

Day one of the Summit will focus on the latest developments in China, while day two will cover updates from the rest of Asia, including Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and Malaysia. In addition, the programme includes timely updates from Japan, India and Australia.

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ERM at the Conference

ERM is pleased to play an active role at the Chemical Watch AsiaHub Summit 2018, sharing our insights on “Strategy and roadmap to comply with changing regulations”, to support the industry in addressing chemical regulations in the region. As well as speaking at the conference, ERM will also engage with clients and other professionals throughout the event.

Taiwan Chemical Substance Registration: Update and Strategy
27 September 2018, 16:40

Dr. Ken Liu, Principal Consultant with ERM in Taiwan, will give a regulatory update about Taiwan chemical regulation, comparing current legislations in Taiwan, Korea, and EU, and sharing insights on the practical aspects of the regulation, such as key points of a dossier preparation.

Global data sharing and management
28 September 2018, 16:30

Willi Muenninghoff, Global Business Development Director at ReachCentrum, an ERM Group company, will discuss data sharing and its global implications, including an overview of the Data Brokerage Platform, ReachCentrum’s tool to facilitate the sharing of available endpoint-related data.

Both Willi and Ken are actively involved with the world-wide platform of ERM to provide clients with global product stewardship support.

ERM & Product Stewardship

The focus on product stewardship has intensified over recent years, due in large part to demand from consumers for greater supply chain transparency and safer, ‘greener’ products. Purchasers, consumers, regulators, and investors are increasingly focused on how and where products are sourced, developed, manufactured, distributed, used, and disposed, along with a product’s overall impacts at each life cycle stage. This focus on product stewardship has also been driven by the growing array of environmental, health, safety and, sustainability (EHSS) regulations.

ERM’s approach to product stewardship not only seeks ways to avoid product impoundment or recall, which can disrupt supply chains, increase costs and damage brand and reputation. It also aims to identify and mitigate these risks while looking beyond them to assess key product and brand differentiators that have the potential to drive innovation, and contribute to the bottom line.

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ERM's Speakers

Dr. Ken Liu is Principal Consultant with ERM in Taiwan. During his career, he has managed various programmes mainly focusing on two fields: new chemical materials development for industries and chemical substance related national regulatory implementation for the government. With his diversified professional chemical background, he is familiar with different areas and assists companies to be in compliance with chemical management laws and regulations. 

Willi Muenninghoff is Global Business Development Director at ReachCentrum, an ERM Group company. With over 30 years’ experience in the Chemicals industry, in ReachCentrum Willi is responsible for consortia management and global regulations. He works with the world-wide platform of ERM to provide clients with global product stewardship support. Data brokerage is a key aspect for delivery on national compliance and Willi has been working with local consultants and clients alike towards consistent approaches in each region depending on need. He has recently been appointed as Global Business Development Director of ReachCentrum. 


Brussels, Belgium

Upcoming webinar - Sept 5th

Overview of Taiwan Chemicals Management & Upcoming Challenges
5 September 2018, 9 am CET

Together with ChemicalWatch, Dr Liu will also deliver a webinar on Taiwan chemical regulation. Key points covered in the webinar will be:

  • Overview of Taiwan chemical management 
  • The potential impact of amendments to the Regulation 
  • Progress of PECs registration.

ERM at the conference

During the Summit, Willi Muenninghoff and Dr. Ken Liu will be available for consultation.

Willi Muenninghoff
Global Business Development Director, ReachCentrum SA


Dr Ken Liu
Principal Consultant, ERM