Bond Dickinson’s Industry Insight Breakfast Seminar

22 October 2015

The latest in Bond Dickinson's Industry Insight series of events will be co-hosted by ERM.

The series aims to tackle issues faced by business across the chemicals sector. In this session the focus will be on key regulatory compliance developments and how businesses can stay ahead of the game and remain compliant. Alongside Bond Dickinson's regulatory compliance specialists, there ERM will provide pragmatic advice covering the following key issues:

  • Compliance and the sustainable business - An introduction into why regulatory compliance is vital to build a competitive and sustainable brand
  • Living with the Industrial Emissions Directive - What have the effects of the IED been, and how have regulators and industry responded to the increased emphasis on BAT?
  • ISO14001 and ISO18001 - A review of the recent changes and the likely impact on businesses 
  • Environmental liabilities assessment and cost planning - Case study focusing on environmental based risk modelling in conjunction with financial modelling to provide a focused plan to address potential environmental risk with the greatest effect
  • Embedding excellence - A Bond Dickinson case study looking at transformative initiatives from industry in enhancing EHS performance.

For further information of if you are interested in attending, please contact Jenny McLaren at


The Wilton Centre
Teesside, United Kingdom

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