Battelle 2014 Conference

19 May 2014

Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds

The Ninth International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds was a flagship conference for thought leadership within ERM’s Contaminated Site Management (CSM) practice, which is aimed at helping clients resolve environmental liabilities and realize maximum value from their sites. Key issues for our clients within this practice include impacts from free product (LNAPL and DNAPL), which ERM resolves through risk assessment and careful characterization that leads to targeted treatment. Our services in this area include investigation; remediation; decommissioning, decontamination, and demolition (DDD); and brownfields programs.

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ERM is a global consultancy that specializes in helping our clients meet sustainability challenges. Over our 40-year history, we have accumulated an unrivalled breadth and depth of experience, with a proven track record excelling within complex and challenging project parameters. We develop strategies and implement projects to help clients manage their risks and clean up their balance sheets. Our outstanding work has led our clients to trust us with their most challenging sites across the globe.

ERM at the Conference

Our participation at this conference allowed us to share cutting-edge insights on the application of innovative remediation technologies with great outcomes for our clients.

ERM is a leading user of several innovative technologies, including thermal remediation, abiotic reduction, and the use of mulch bio-walls. At the conference, we will discuss case studies demonstrating the successful use of these technologies.

One of the underlying themes of our participation at the conference was green and sustainable remediation focused on decreased energy consumption, water usage, and secondary waste generation. As a leading expert in thermal remediation, we presented three papers on this topic:

  • Integrating Sustainable In-Situ Thermal and Biological Treatment
  • Life Cycle Assessment of a Large Scale In-situ Thermal Treatment Project at a Chlorinated Solvent Site in the UK
  • Sustainable Gas Powered In-situ Thermal Desorption to Remediate PCBs in Low Permeability Soils at a facility in Spain

During ERM’s participation at Battelle, we also represented two Session Chairs, had 16 Platform Presentations, and 24 Poster Summaries.

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