AquaConSoil 2019

20 - 24 May 2019

ERM will be sponsoring, exhibiting and speaking at AquaConSoil 2019 in Antwerp on 20 - 24 May 2019.

The 2019 AquaConSoil Conference is an international event that focuses on asset and remediation management, bringing together high-level specialists from industry, research, academia and consultancies.

This year's conference dedicates a day to economic (22nd May) and legal (23rd May) aspects of management of contaminated land. These panels will be of special interest for our industrial clients who are interested to understand well how liability management can impact business performance and need to be constantly updated on compliance and regulatory issues. ERM will chair a session on the economic day, for which day-tickets will be available.

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ERM at the Conference

ERM is proud to be part of the AquaConSoil conference and will be supporting this event as an exhibitor, sponsor, as well as presenting across various panels. Our thought leaders will address challenging contaminated site management issues and approaches related to data management and technology, emerging contaminants of concern, sustainable remediation approaches, and the legal & economic aspects of management of contaminated land.

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ERM Speakers

James Baldock - Technical Director, UK
James Baldock is a Technical Director within ERM UK and has over 20 years of experience in the fields of environmental site investigation, design, implementation and management of a wide variety of contaminated soil and groundwater investigation, remediation projects and hydrogeological assessments. He has extensive experience in the design and application of all major in-situ and ex-situ remediation technologies and is a thermal technology specialist, having been involved in several projects where steam injection, ISTD and/or ERH have been deployed. He leads ERMs global thermal team in Europe and has presented numerous papers at national and international technical conferences on the sustainable application of these technologies.

Simon Gibbons - Technical Fellow, Partner, UK
Simon Gibbons is a Technical Fellow at ERM specialising in the field of hydrogeology. In total he has twenty-two years’ experience in environmental site assessment, hydrogeological modelling, risk assessment and remediation projects. His recent work has included developing integrated catchment scale water models for analysing water availability and project risks for mining and oil & gas projects across Europe, Africa and South America. Across his breadth of expertise Simon has also been responsible for integrating and automating analysis of site investigation, risk assessment and modelling data into Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Simon also has a key role in ERM’s current digital transformation programme and is part of the team developing solutions for our Site Investigation, DDD and Due Diligence Practice Areas.

Jos Gompelman – Consultant, Netherlands
Jos Gompelman is a consultant based in the ERM office in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. Jos joined the Asset Management team of ERM in 2011 after completing his Master in Geochemistry at the Utrecht University. Since then Jos has been working on a wide variety of contaminated site management projects. Over the past years Jos has gained valuable experience in soil and groundwater investigations, risk assessments, remediation and complex site investigation projects. Over the past three years his focus shifted towards investigating complex contaminated sites using High Resolution Site Characterization and developing Conceptual Site Models. Jos is predominantly active on the Dutch market for multi-national clients in sectors such as oil and gas, chemical, manufacturing and real estate.

Nanda Hermes – Principal Consultant, Belgium
Nanda Hermes has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental sector as a consultant, EIA expert and certified soil expert. She has been working on various projects for multinational companies in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector and the waste processing industry and is a member of ERM's Emerging Contaminant Team and the PFAS ITRC working group. Nanda will talk about the identification of emerging contaminants and the global evolution of PFAS regulations, and its impact to regulatory agencies, consulting companies and industries.

Kenneth Jones – Principal Consultant, ERM France
Kenneth Jones, a Principal Consultant in ERM France’s Asset Management group, has more than 18 years of experience in providing consultancy support to a variety of multinational clients in a number of industry sectors both in the UK and, since 2007, in France. Kenneth’s primary focus is on accompanying clients with their contaminated land management challenges (from characterization through risk/liability assessment to remediation) – he will be discussing (May 22nd) the importance of characterization in the definition of an appropriate treatment strategy, and also supporting a poster presentation of a recent thermal remediation project in France.

Ken Kiefer - Technical Director, Australia
Ken Kiefer has over 20 years of experience in the risk assessment and environmental toxicology. He is currently is the ERM risk assessment Technical Community global leader. He has experience in quantitative human health and ecological risk assessments for complex sites with multiple regulatory stakeholders in the U.S. and Australia. He has demonstrated experience as risk assessment lead advising complex investigations (e.g. surface water, sediment, and biota) and integrating inter-disciplinary specialists studies (e.g. groundwater fate and transport modelling, groundwater mass flux, surface water hydrodynamic modelling, air dispersion modelling, and ecological surveys) to support risk assessment and risk-based decision-making. He has experience with a broad range of chemical/radiological contaminants and emerging issues, such as PFAS, to meet a range of client objectives.

Kevin Morris - Technical Director, US
Kevin is a Desert Storm Veteran having spent eight years in the U. S. Army, is a Technical Director and the North America sustainable remediation lead working out of the ERM Philadelphia office in Malvern, PA. His specific experience includes in situ and ex situ remediation feasibility studies, pilot testing, peer reviews and full-scale design, installation, startup, and sustainable remediation at CERCLA, RCRA, state led and global sites as well as expert witness testimony. Kevin’s related experiences include implementation of sustainable remediation strategies. Kevin is also a subject matter expert on use of environmental molecular diagnostics and various innovative and sustainable site remediation designs including; biopile, biobarrier, biowall, PRB’s, biotic and abiotic metals sequestration, pond and wetland design and construction for remediation of chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, explosives, petroleum hydrocarbons and metals. Kevin Morris has implemented and/or designed sustainable investigation and remediation strategies in over 40 states of the U.S.A. as well as Brazil, Peru, Togo, Australia, France, South Africa, UK, Italy, Spain, Taiwan and China. Kevin Morris also has more than 25 papers presented at various remediation conferences over the last 16 years.

Paulo Valle - Technical Fellow, Partner, Belgium
Paulo Valle is a Partner within ERM with over 25 years’ experience in the management of contaminated Sites in Belgium and Internationally. He is a senior technical advisor for global and local ERM key clients with significant experience designing and managing complex remediation projects. Paulo is often presenting in international conferences and providing trainings to clients, regulators, industry associations and academic institutes on a variety of technical areas.

Olga Vounaki – Senior Consultant, Belgium
Olga Vounaki has over 17 years of experience in contaminated land management. She supports all kind of industries in managing their liabilities in line with legal compliance requirements taking into account sustainability and water management aspects. Olga will share a case study related to how defining site specific water discharge values for 1,4-Dioxane and other compounds resulted in a sustainable gain of the remediation system in place.


The Flanders Meeting & Convention Center Antwerp (FMCCA)
Antwerp, Belgium

Remediation Management

Companies with environmentally contaminated sites face significant regulatory, financial and reputational risks. Successfully managing large sites across multiple jurisdictions cost effectively eludes even the most well managed companies.