ERM’s 2019 Sustainability Means Business Webinar Series Materials

ERM is hosting a series of webinars throughout the year in the US addressing different ways sustainability challenges are impacting business. This page hosts the presentations and slides from these webinars.

Tackling Water Risks: The importance of looking beyond water use efficiency

In June 2019, ERM hosted a webinar to better understand how to translate water stress into scenarios that are quantifiable in terms of business risks and then implement strategies to effectively address those risks. Our speakers shared lessons learned from work in over 100 countries and thousands of communities and manufacturing operations.

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CDP Reporting - Strategies for Improving Scores as the Bar is Being Raised

How to get an A? Not quite as simple as ABC, 123.

In April 2019, ERM hosted a webinar on how to use the CDP as an opportunity to take stock of your broader corporate climate strategies and discuss everything from the structuring of responses to programmatic opportunities, featuring two corporate practitioners who successfully improved their grade in 2018 and the strategies they employed to do so.

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