ERM’s 2019 Sustainability Means Business Webinar Series

About the Sustainability Means Business series

ERM has hosted webinars throughout the year addressing different ways sustainability challenges are impacting business.

Tackling Water Risks: The importance of looking beyond water use efficiency

20 June 2019
1pm EDT

Most companies have integrated water efficiency as part of their corporate sustainability goals - an important step to take in demonstrating sustainability leadership, while also reducing operational costs.

In addition, as part of their sustainability program, companies often use one of the widely available tools (e.g., WRI’s Aqueduct) to map water stress, and then focus on their water efficiency efforts at manufacturing facilities located in areas of highest water stress.

While improving water efficiency and even reducing overall water use can help address water stress, in many cases such water stress presents business risks to a company that efficiency alone will not mitigate. A singular focus on manufacturing water use may also divert resources from more critical issues critical issues such as community perceptions, changing regulations, municipal water infrastructure reliability, and watershed stress.

Join ERM’s webinar to better understand how to translate water stress into scenarios that are quantifiable in terms of business risks and then implement strategies to effectively address those risks. Our speakers will share lessons learned from work in over 100 countries and thousands of communities and manufacturing operations.

Key topics include:

  • Common missteps in effectively addressing water stress
  • Identifying and quantifying business risks
  • Strategies to address business risks
  • Benefits of getting to the root cause of water stress

Who should attend
Anyone that is involved in sustainability, EHS, operations, risk management, and supply chain issues within their organization.


Greg Koch, Technical Director, ERM 
Greg is a globally recognized leader in sustainable development, adaptation and resiliency, water resource management and corporate water stewardship, sustainable agriculture, and related policy and finance solutions. He has extensive experience in successful business case development, strategic planning, financing sustainability solutions, supply chain assessment, risk assessment, and large project and program management. He has managed NGO and government partnership development, mergers & acquisitions programs, investor and customer engagement, people and department management, and capability program development and execution in over 100 countries. 

Kate Brown, Global Product Supply Water Sustainability Leader, Procter & Gamble 
Kate applies her sustainability passion and experience to help over 100 manufacturing facilities around the world identify and realize opportunities to deliver P&G’s 2030 water stewardship commitments. In her 20 years with P&G, Kate’s previous roles included creation of global energy reduction programs, oversight of breakthrough sustainable packaging initiatives, and championing sustainability employee engagement campaigns. 

Sarah Wade
Sarah is the Outreach and Engagement Coordinator at the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). In this role, she works with AWS Members and Partners to support water stewardship activity around the world, facilitating knowledge sharing and learning across the AWS Global System. AWS Members unite behind a common definition of water stewardship, and work with the AWS Standard as the globally recognised framework for best practice in water stewardship. Prior to joining AWS, Sarah was part of WWF’s water stewardship team, building on her background in water security and international development. 

Other topics in the series include:

Disclosure Trends - A Look at Sustainability Reporting in 2019
20 September 2019
As this year's reporting season draws to a close, we analyzed some of the high profile reports delivered in 20198 to see what was effective, what fell short and what trends are emerging for the future. This webinar covered the latest approaches to public sustainability disclosure based on a review of the sustainability reports and websites of more than 80 leading companies.

Sustainability Performance: To disclose, or not to disclose, that is the question
November 2019
Sustainability information, such as ESG performance data, is of increasing interest to a growing number of influential stakeholders, including investors, customers, lenders, and employees. This causes publicly traded companies to not only look at their own sustainability performance, but that of their suppliers and once that roles down the supply chain, private companies are impacted too. Whether you are large, small, public or private, you are increasingly likely to get a question about your organizations’ sustainability or ESG performance. This session will help you understand the how, why and what of measuring, managing and disclosing your most important sustainability information.

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Watch the presentations and download the slides from the 2018 webinars

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