ERM's 2018 Business of Remediation Webinar Series

Watch the presentations and download the slides from ERM's 2018 Webinar series on the business of remediation.

October 2018: Data Management - How to Prepare for a Bigger Data Future

This webinar explores the way we can use data to cost effectively manage project lifecycle costs. In the field of remediation we have seen significant advances in technology and big data generation. High resolution site characterization for investigation has changed how we investigate sites, develop conceptual site models and implement remedies.

As a result, how we collect, store, analyze, manipulate, visualize and report “big data” is increasingly important. Many sites are managed using software tools and analysis approaches that were developed in the early 2000’s. If we transition to tools to help visualize data through dashboards and interactive web maps we can generate true insight into data to make better and faster decisions.

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June 2018: Managing Portfolios - Successful Site Closure While Optimizing Asset Value

This webinar focused on mitigating liability, driving sites to closure and unlocking value from impaired assets. Guest speaker Jonathan Elton, who managed a highly successful program of 600+ site disposals for Shell Downstream, discussed the drivers for and critical success factors in managing a portfolio of distressed assets to optimize value and mitigate risk. Brian Magee, ERM's Managing Partner for our largest Brownfield redevelopment in California, presented case studies to highlight lessons learned in remediating and repurposing brownfields sites.

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March 2018: The Business Case for Sustainable Remediation

This webinar presented examples of best practices that demonstrably show value by managing sites in both a sustainable and cost effective manner while considering all stakeholders. Guest speakers Prof. Jonathan Smith, Shell Global Solutions and James Henderson, DuPont provided insight on the business drivers and challenges at a portfolio and site-specific level.

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