ERM Webinar Series: Insights on Site Remediation and Restoration

ERM is hosting a series of webinars throughout the year that will address different techniques to manage business risks associated with contaminated site management. The series is geared towards EHS professionals that hold responsibility for sites with complex challenges and will provide in-depth technical expertise along with practical applications to bring back to their organizations.

June Webinar - PFAS: Lessons learned during the evolution of global regulations

13 June 2019, 12-1pm EST

The public scrutiny and regulatory uncertainty associated with Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) can result in business and reputation risks for companies. Public awareness and demand for action related to PFAS releases in the environment is outpacing the ability of the scientific community to provide reliable data from which to make decisions.

In many regions, regulatory agencies are being driven to enforce action before sufficient scientific information can be collected to fully understand the problem. Deciphering the rapid flow of information, keeping on top of the ever-changing regulatory environment, and working under increasing public scrutiny can be difficult, at best. How then can companies proactively manage risk to reputation and environmental liabilities in this uncertain climate?

This webinar will discuss the evolution of PFAS regulations across the world, the rationale behind the development of compound specific advisory levels, and discuss lessons learned during these processes that can be applied to mitigate business and reputational risk to companies. The presentation will include a current snapshot of regulatory guidance within the US, Canada and other regions and a discussion on how companies can evaluate risk to their business and reputation.

Upcoming topics in this series:

  • Game Changer: Implications of the Soil Pollution Prevention Law on Industrial Facilities in China
  • Strategic Approaches to Portfolio Risk Reduction
  • Vapor Intrusion: Regulatory Update and Emerging Issues

Past Webinars

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ERM's Global Remediation Management Roundtables

ERM is hosting our next round of 2019 Global Remediation Management Roundtables in Chicago, IL and Houston, TX this fall, bringing together thought leaders in global remediation management to share ideas and address challenging issues related to contaminated site management.

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