ERM Webinar: Comply or Close - the New Reality for Industrial Facilities in China

27 September 2018
8:00 GMT or 14:30 GMT

China's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) is getting tough on polluting facilities.

In 2017 alone nearly 6,500 industrial facilities were ordered to suspend or shutdown operations and 6,300 administrative detentions were ordered under the Environmental Protection Law. This has accelerated in 2018, causing unprecedented disruption to manufacturing supply chains in China. The Chinese Government has published “Supervision Lists of Polluting Enterprises” for each province and city and is focusing inspection efforts on these facilities. In Shanghai alone, there are 1,000 companies on the 2018 “Supervision List” and over half of them are foreign-owned.

The changing regulatory landscape creates new challenges for business and requires reassessments of the way in which environmental compliance is managed and monitored, both for a company’s own operations and for its supply chain.

ERM is hosting this webinar for companies with facilities and/or supply chains in China, outlining the scope and potential impact of these changes and what actions companies will need to take in order to manage risks from the ongoing environmental crackdown.

The webinars are complimentary and will be presented in English.

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Please contact Alan To at [email protected] with any questions.

ERM'S Speakers

Cherry Hu
Dr. Cherry Hu is responsible for ERM China’s Regulatory Advisory Services. Prior to joining ERM in 2008, Dr Hu was an official with China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, based in Beijing. She is a registered Environmental Expert with MEP and has been called on to act as an external technical expert to support the central government’s Environmental Inspection Group, visiting multiple industrial sites alongside government inspection teams in 2017. Dr Hu is based in Shanghai. 

Piers Touzel
Country Manager
Mr. Piers Touzel has helped multinational clients identify, assess and manage EHS risks in China for over 17 years. He advises industrial clients, investors and financial institutions on the financial implications of sustainability challenges associated with the establishment of new facilities as well as acquisitions and divestitures. Mr. Touzel splits his time between Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. 


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“Comply or Close”- the New Reality for Industrial Facilities in China

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