ERM Webinar: Benefiting from the Revised Air Quality Modeling Guidance

On March 15th, ERM hosted a webinar on the impact of the EPA Air Quality Modeling Guidelines revision on permitting activity and how to benefit from the changes.

Designed for professionals involved in air permitting who are not modelers but are impacted by the changes to the modeling guidelines, the webinar provided information critical in developing the best strategies to maximizing the benefits and minimizing any new risks presented by the revised modeling guidance.

ERM shared examples of how the new guidelines have been applied to minimize the cost and time required to prepare a successful modeling compliance demonstration, and what pitfalls can be avoided by planning ahead.

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ERM Speakers

Beth Barfield
Principal Consultant


Rich Hamel
Principal Consultant


Mark Garrison
Technical Fellow


Tom Wickstrom
Principal Consultant 

ERM Contact

For more information, please contact Lauren Blumberg at [email protected].