ERM Webinar: Advances in Sustainable Thermal Remediation

Thursday, 15 November 2018
11am - 12pm

Is your business impacted by contaminated land? Whether from a high persistence of a mixture of several contaminants, pressure to close out the remediation within 12-18 months or the application of unsuccessful remediation processes, ERM's Thermal Remediation Solutions may be the answer.

Join ERM for a one-hour webinar focused on the wide range of mostly in-situ thermal focused solutions we have developed that provide rapid, cost effective and sustainable answers for the most complex site contamination problems and recalcitrant compounds.

Thermal Solutions can be applied at a wide range of temperatures, significantly lowering the carbon footprint of the work but still keep the process timely and cost effective, and could possibly be solutions for sites previously deemed too difficult to remediate. This is especially applicable if your site:

  • Has high persistence or recalcitrant contaminants or a mixture of several contaminants with different properties
  • You need to close out the remediation within 12 - 18 months
  • The remediation to be undertaken is in ‘difficult’ geology
  • You have stringent remedial end goals to achieve
  • Other remediation approaches (such as pump and treat) have been attempted in the past without success

As the first in an upcoming series of webinars, this session will include an introduction to Thermal Remediation, as well as case studies, and time for an interactive Q&A session. It is a must for site owners dealing with difficult contaminant issues.

ERM Speakers

James Baldock, Technical Director
James has over 20 years of experience and leads ERMs thermal team in Europe, which includes development of innovations for thermal technologies. He has project managed or technically supported nearly 20 thermal projects from concept evaluation through to design and full scale implementation. He also has extensive experience in the design and application of all other major in-situ and ex-situ remediation technologies, with a focus on strategy development and application at complex sites. 

Joanne Dinham, Consultant
Jo is a Consultant based in Manchester, UK and has 8 years’ experience predominantly focusing on thermally enhanced in-situ remediation projects. Jo is ERM’s lead in thermal modelling using PetraSim PC based software and has completed models for sites in EMEA, North America and LAC. Jo also has experience in other remediation techniques such as pump and treat, chemical oxidation, bio remediation and material removal. Jo’s background is Hydrogeology and she is experienced in groundwater modelling and hydrogeological assessments.

Chaired by Paul Hesketh, Technical Director

About the series

This upcoming series of webinars will address different techniques to manage business risks. The series is geared towards professionals that hold responsibility for sites with complex challenges and will provide in-depth technical expertise along with practical applications that participants can take back to their organisations.

Look out for the next two topics in the series which are scheduled for 2019 and aim to address:

Flood Risk Management Beyond COMAH: Compliance Protecting People and Business in a Changing World
This webinar will explore the human and hydrological factors impacting flood risk to industry in a changing world. Learn how ERM’s approach to flood risk management fulfils COMAH requirements and beyond, to protect people and business continuity.

“All Measures Necessary” - Making the regulator’s life easy with holistic management of environmental risks
Learn about how ERM is developing holistic information management approaches which enable the operator to clearly demonstrate to the regulator that they have taken ‘all measures necessary’ and have a ‘basis for control’ for all assets, know where weaknesses are and have a clear, reasoned and risk assessed plan to address them

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